Overview of the Interdisciplinary School

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary PhD Spring School jointly organized by Sponsor logosUniversità degli Studi di Udine, Università di Trieste and SISSA.

The 2013 Spring School is devoted to crosscutting topics aimed at broadening the student's vision of the PhD title beyond the limits of the individual fields of activity. Through a balanced mix of presentation/speeches from outstanding lecturers worldwide, the spring school pursues the following objectives:

1) to illustrate the role that the academia, research institutions, industry and the students could or should have in the PhD programmes according to common practices and european visions;

2) to describe existing models or propose new ones for an effective interaction of the different actors in the set up of successful PhD programmes;

3) to discuss the organization and value of higher education and PhDs worldwide;

4) to inspire the student minds by providing testimony of successful careers from the PhD upward;

5) to strengthen the student ability to communicate, work and create value in multicultural research environments;  

6) to reinforce the students' ability to raise funds and pursue their own research ideas in Europe.