Thursday March 7 Friday March 8
8:30–8:50 Registration
8:50-9:00 School Opening

PhD programmes in Europe and around the World

Getting hired with a PhD


Enrico Pontelli - NMSU (USA)

"That's How we Do It: A Perspective on Doctoral Studies in the U.S."

Tito Bacarese Hamilton - Johnson & Johnson (USA)

"Working hard at work worth doing!"

10.00–10.30 Break for discussion Break for discussion


Herman Maes - IMEC (Belgium)

"The value of a PhD in nano-engineering for the student, university, industry and society"

Riccardo Sabatini - EPFL (Switzerland)

"There’s a hell of a good universe next door"

11.30–12.00 Break for discussion Break for discussion

Ruggero Pardi - San Raffaele Milano (Italy)

"Fix the PhD: what's wrong with graduate education in Italy?"

Hanna Mamzer - University of Poznan (Poland)

"Effective communication in multicultural environments"

13:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch
Success trajectories in knowledge based society Travelling the world with a PhD

Piero Carninci - Riken (Japan)

"Complexity of mammalian transcription"

Hanna Mamzer - meeting with the students.
15.00–15.30 Break for discussion Break for discussion

Joerg Vogelsang - SIKA AG (Switzerland)

"Thoughts on innovation and nanomaterials in the construction chemical industry"

Round table and closing discussion

Moderator: Sergio Nava - Radio24

Confirmed Participants:

Vera Alverdi, Diego Bravar, Riccardo Ferrari, Fabio Feruglio, Roberto Nonis, Francesco Vezzi, Christian Steinkuhler, Tito Bacarese-Hamilton  ... and all participating PhD students

16:30-17:00 Break for discussion

Christian Steinkuhler - Istituto Dermopatico IRCCS Roma (Italy)

"The industrial perspective: challenges and opportunities in the drug discovery industry"

18:00 End of day 1 School Closing