Second Joint Summer School on Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Summer School


The Joint Summer School on Nanotechnology presents a variety of selected topics in nanoscience & nanotechnology addressing the fabrication, characterization and modeling of nanostructures and nanodevices. The school aims as well at highlighting the potential applications and the economic impact of nanotechnology in the society of today and tomorrow.

Through a balanced mix of lectures and poster sessions the school will cover:

  • science and engineering of matter with the goal of emphasizing the relationships between nanostructure and properties at the macroscopic scale (nano materials);
  • design and fabrication of nanodevices with specific functions using bottom up and top down approaches (nano devices);
  • design and assembly of materials and devices in complex systems (nano systems).

The approach is multi-disciplinary and lectures are tailored for a broad audience of PhD students and young researchers active in different areas of the large domain of nanotechnology. Top level scientist in different fields (material science, engineering, bio based sciences, physics and chemistry) will tutorially introduce the contents of their lectures and will bring their point of view on the research topics they are currently interested in. Participating students will have a unique opportunity to broaden their views of nanotechnology, to learn new experimental techniques and theoretical methods, to meet top class scientists active in the field and to build and strengthen a personal network of relations with peers.


The School language is english. All lectures will be given in English. A participation certificate will be given to all requesting attendees.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be organized to allow the students to present their own research activity and results and to stimulate the interaction and discussion with the invited speakers and other participants.

Organization and Sponsors

The Summer School on Nanotechnology is part of the Regional Graduate School Initiative sponsored by Regione Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. It is a three year initiative jointly organized by, and rotating among, Università di Trieste (2011 edition), Università di Udine (2012 edition) and SISSA (2013 edition).

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