Registration and participation to the schools is free of charge for the PhD students of the organizing institutions (Università di Trieste, Università di Udine and SISSA). PhDs and post-docs from other institutions can attend the schools upon registration at the cost of 100 euros as a compensation for the net additional costs. It is possible to participate to more than one school: in this case, the fee is applied only once. For the payment details, see the registration page of each school.

Do not forget to specify the motivation for the payment as follows: 

  • Interdisciplinary Spring School - your name
  • Summer School on Nanotechnology - your name
  • Summer School on Molecular Biomedicine - your name
  • Summer School on Biology, Computation and Information - your name

Please send in advance a scanned copy of the proof of payment to or bring a paper copy of it with you at the school. The receipt will be available at the school.